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"Si nous sommes programmés à quelque chose, c’est à apprendre."

From August 28th to September 3rd 2017 Average weight 66.8kg
Week's cumulate slope +2000m, Total distance 117.0kms,
66.8kg weight: 10.4% fat, 60.9% water, 46.8% muscle, 3kg bones.


From September 4th to 10th 2017 Average weight 66.2kg
Week's cumulate slope +2400m, Total distance 153.0kms,
66.2kg weight: 10.5% fat, 60.9% water, 46.5% muscle, 2.9kg bones.


From September 11th to 17th 2017 Average weight 64.8kg
Week's cumulate slope +1700m, Total distance 155.0kms,
64.8kg weight: 10.1% fat, 61.1% water, 46.6% muscle, 2.9kg bones.





Total distance 2017: 5299.0kms, cumulate slope +84 600m















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